Outdoor Learning Environments

Outdoor Learning Environments

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky" (McMillan 1919)

It is widely recognised that children accessing day care facilities need a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities. Physical exercise and fresh air are crucial to the natural process of child development.

We have an outdoor area which is continuously developing thanks to the commitment of a staff team who continually strive to provide a balanced curriculum which includes a well-planned outdoor environment where children are allowed freedom of movement, the key to quality learning.

Here at Footsteps Nursery we have a wonderful, safe outside play area that includes grassed areas which are kept cut short and others that are left wild to encourage exploration and discovery. Flat open spaces where children can run and extend their gross motor skills with the added challenge of small hills to climb and then roll down.

The larger garden area is easily accessible for the younger children, with its soft top play area on which toddlers can test their gross motor skills and a beautiful pagoda and bridge for lots of outdoor fun and games.

Footsteps have recently constructed a prestigious outdoor play area for the children aged from 3 to 18 months. The area provides a multi-sensory experience where children are protected from direct sunlight or rain all year round. Now, in accordance with the recommendations of the Early Years Foundation Stage, babies and toddlers can also choose whether they would like to play indoors or out.

The New Zealand Sand Pit is a favourite for the children where they can dig, build, play and pretend to their hearts content.

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