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Our learning environments

We have the perfect environment for every child at Footsteps Nursery

Learning environments for every age

As your child grows and develops throughout their early years, their needs change. Improved dexterity and mobility give little bodies the ability to explore new spaces, and developing mental skills give little minds the curiosity and drive to take full advantage of that! To make the most of this, and encourage development, we have learning environments tailored to each age group in our purpose-built Workington nursery.

Sitters, Crawlers and Standers

Movers, Shakers and Explorers

Talkers and Pretenders

Thinkers, Creators and Inventors

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Sitters, Crawlers, and Standers

At the start of their nursery journey, your infant is still only just learning to get about under their own power, so they need a place where they can hone their skills safely, while also stimulating their minds. 
We try to keep it homely, with a comfy sofa, cushions and warm and gentle colours, in line with the latest research. We have a covered pergola area allowing free flow play for the youngest children, a separate quiet room, providing a haven for resting babies, and a baby change room.
The room has several areas, which babies have open access to:

  • multi-sensory

  • comfort zone

  • choosing books

  • wet/messy play

  • treasure baskets

  • baby construction blocks

We have low tables and chairs – no highchairs – and lots of comfy floor nests, which allow babies to move freely as and when they can.

Sitters, Crawlers and Standers
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Movers, Shakers, and Explorers

Your child is growing! They are learning more and more about the world around them, and they’re getting curious. This area is designed to encourage children to become active independent learners, providing equipment that will satisfy their natural need to explore and discover for themselves. The equipment has been chosen to give lots of opportunity for learning while allowing each child to work at their own pace.


Children will be encouraged to have ideas and opinions, while staff will take every opportunity to promote conversation, helping the children to develop language and communication skills, actively listening to and responding appropriately.

Movers, Shakers and Explorers
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Talkers and Pretenders

This area is a natural development of the previous room, allowing your child to feel at home while building on the skills they have previously acquired. It includes space where children can relax and chill out, available as and when required.


Providing an environment where children are allowed to experiment and try new things, using equipment that is not focused on a right or wrong answer, encourages children of all ages to become confident learners. The opportunity to explore the carefully planned outdoor area will be available at all times.

Talkers and Pretenders
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Thinkers, Creators, and Inventors

From the moment your child begins their nursery journey with us, at whatever stage, the Early Years framework is at the core of everything we do. It is deeply embedded into our practice at every level.


Your child will begin their nursery education the term following their third birthday. For example, children who have their third birthday between September and December will begin Foundation Stage in January, at the start of the spring term.


The transition from Talkers and Pretenders to Thinkers, Creators and Inventors is intended to be seamless. The children experience planned and focused activities delivered by staff who have many years’ experience working within the Early Years Foundation Stage. They also have the opportunity to access familiar areas which are available every day.

Thinkers, Creators and Inventors

Outdoor learning environments

Children in nursery are happier, healthier, and better able to learn when they have access to a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities. Physical exercise and fresh air are crucial to the natural process of child development. To facilitate this, we have an outdoor area which is always available, and always developing thanks to the hard work of our team.


Our fabulous and safe outside area includes grassy areas – some kept carefully mown and others allowed to grow wild for children to explore. There are flat open spaces ideal for running and jumping, hills for climbing and rolling down… it’s a place where children can play and develop the skills they’ll use all their lives.


There is a larger garden area that is perfect for the younger children in our care. It has a soft play area for toddlers to develop their gross motor skills, and a pagoda and bridge that is often the focus of imaginative and adventurous games for the tiny people.


Footsteps have recently constructed an outdoor play area for children aged from 3 to 18 months. The area provides a multi-sensory experience where children are protected from direct sunlight and rain all year round. This means that babies and toddlers can also choose whether they would like to play indoors or out.

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Contact the nursery

There are learning environments suitable for all pre-school children at Footsteps Nursery in Workington, both inside and outside. Call us today to find out more.

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