Sitters, Crawlers & Standers

Sitters, Crawlers & Standers

Sitters, Crawlers and Standers area is for children aged 12/14 months.

We try to keep it homely, we have a comfy sofa, cushions and warm and gentle colours (recent research suggests bright bold colours have an over-stimulating effect on young children).

We have a covered pergola area allowing free-flow play for the youngest children, a separate quiet room, providing a haven for resting babies, and a separate baby change room.

The room has several areas, which babies have open access to:

  • multi-sensory
  • comfort zone
  • choosing books
  • wet/messy play
  • treasure baskets
  • baby construction blocks

We have 'low' tables and chairs, (no high chairs) and lots of comfy floor nests, which allow babies to move freely as and when they can.

How to enrol your child in Footsteps