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Footsteps Nursery has a strong commitment to inclusion. We are aware that ending discrimination of all kinds remains crucial to our world’s health survival. We welcome all children and aim to respond appropriately to each child’s background and individual needs.

Through close partnership working with our parents we aim to create an appropriate environment that meets the particular needs of each child and to ensure that all children have access to experiences which are broad balanced and differentiated.

Children may have particular needs for a limited period of time, or long term. We aim to ensure that the activities we provide take into account the type and extent of the difficulty experienced by the child; enabling them to participate effectively in all aspects of nursery life making reasonable adjustments to enable them to fulfil their individual potential.

Footsteps Nursery is designed to be fully accessible. All classrooms are located on ground level with access to disabled toilets and there is disabled parking on site.

If for whatever reason your child has additional needs please speak to your child’s Key Person who has the necessary skills and tools to support each individual child and their family.

Staff are fully supported by our:

  • Designated Early Years Teacher; Senior SENCO
  • Designated inclusion team
  • 7 additional SENCo’s on site
  • 2 Communication Champions
  • Co-Ordinator (Behaviour)
  • SENCO’s who have a sound understanding and successful history of implementing Early Support for children, young people and families.

With parents’ permission staff are experienced and confident to work in close partnership with outside agencies.

The graduated approach, as detailed in the SEND Code of Practice 2014, with four stages of action:

  1. Assess
  2. Plan
  3. Do
  4. Review

Will be adopted.

As part of the graduated approach, whilst always working alongside a child’s parents/carers, we will:

  • Implement and review a Learning Journey Individual Education Plan (LJIEP).
  • Acknowledge when we cannot meet the child’s requirements, discussing with parents/carers the request for support from outside professionals or agencies, parents/carers will always be involved in this process.
  • Work closely with the child, outside agency/professional, parents/carers to plan and use the LJIEP appropriately; reviewing regularly to ensure the child is fully supported.
  • Support each individual child throughout transition periods; home to nursery, class to class, nursery to respective reception class. We will liaise closely with his/her new teachers ensuring that they have the most accurate and up to date information in order that they can successfully meet your child’s needs

The following links may be of interest for parents regarding children’s Special Educational Needs and Disabilities:

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