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Our vision is for the Curriculum to open doors and offer opportunities and experiences within which all our children through love, care and support can be helped to grow, develop, and flourish through all areas of development.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is our golden thread weaved through all we do, through this, and by recognising the Characteristics Of Effective Learning (Engagement ,Motivation, Thinking) we aim to inspire young minds and create curious have a go "Thinkers and Doers", to encourage children to learn "how to think" not "what to think" and to ensure the children experience the "awe and Wonder" of the world. All whilst having fun, and celebrating achievements.

As a team we recognise the importance of and promote "Cultural Capital", defined as preparing children with the essential knowledge they need for what comes next. Recognising that each individual  child arrives at the setting with with differing and varied "Cultural Capital".

Footsteps understands the true impact of high quality early years education and the impact this has on our children .

We believe every child is a competent Learner.

Our Curriculum and its implementation through our Pedagogy aim to enhance the experience of all our children, including those who are most disadvantaged.

We understand and recognise the value of promoting Cultural Capital to prepare children for what comes next.

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Footsteps Nursery is an outstanding nursery setting serving Workington – but don’t take our word for it, read our Ofsted report! To find out more, please get in touch.

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