Parents Information

Parents Information

Children get the most out of any early years setting if they are happy and feel secure. Although research has highlighted the emotional vulnerability of babies and toddlers it has also shown that they are receptive learners, particularly if they are cared for by highly qualified adults they feel attached to, in an environment which encourages a sense of belonging and mirrors the home.

Here at Footsteps Nursery we believe the environment is of utmost importance, in line with early ears theory we ensure that our remains constant, gently developing to meet the needs of each individual child. All our staff are qualified at level 3 or above, we currently have seven members of staff who are Post Graduates, 5 of which are also hold Early Years Professional/Teacher Status.

Our commitment to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) 2021 is evident throughout the nursery. Our overall approach to children’s learning is based on the principal that children should be encouraged from whatever stage they are at when they first begin to access the EYFS. We are not of the opinion that children ‘should be doing’. We recognise that children develop at different rates and that it is our role to develop each child’s individual abilities building on what he/she already knows and can do.

We are registered to deliver free early years education for 2, 3 and 4 year old children, these children all benefit from a warm stimulating environment where carefully selected resources encourage children to develop curiosity, think critically and develop confidence – essential skills for lifelong learning.

The Nursery is a member of both National Day Nurseries Association and Pre-School Learning Alliance, benefiting from research articles, publications and training.

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