Learning Environments

Sitters, Crawlers & Standers

Sitters, Crawlers and Standers area is for children aged 12/14 months.

We try to keep it homely, we have a comfy sofa, cushions and warm and gentle colours (recent research suggests bright bold colours have an over-stimulating effect on young children).

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Movers, Shakers & Explorers

This area is designed to encourage children to become active independent learners, providing equipment that will satisfy their natural need to explore and discover for themselves. The equipment has been chosen to give lots of opportunity for learning while allowing each child to work at their own pace.

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Talkers & Pretenders

This area will reflect the previous area allowing the children to build on the skills they have previously acquired. The area will include space where the children can relax and chill out, available as and when required.

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Thinkers, Creators & Inventors

From the moment your child begins his/her nursery educational journey with us, at whatever stage, early year's education is at the very core of everything we do. It is reflected throughout the Early Years Foundation Stage framework and deeply embedded into our practice at every level.

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Outdoor Learning Environments

"The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky" (McMillan 1919)

It is widely recognised that children accessing day care facilities need a good balance of indoor and outdoor activities. Physical exercise and fresh air are crucial to the natural process of child development.

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How to enrol your child in Footsteps