Healthy Living, Healthy Eating

Dedicated to Healthy Eating & Healthy Living...

Children’s health and well-being is additionally promoted through the ‘Healthy Eating Programme’ promoted by designated staff who ensure all meals and snacks meet national nutritional guidelines’ (Ofsted 2014)

Footsteps Nursery prides itself on its healthy eating initiative. During the recent Ofsted inspection the inspector highlighted healthy living and enjoying a healthy lifestyle as a major strength of the nursery.

We have been awarded a ‘Five Star’ rating for food hygiene by the Food Standards Agency.

Footsteps Nursery employs a Healthy Eating Coordinator and a Healthy Eating Practitioner who plan and cook with fresh local produce on a daily basis.

Our ‘homely’ kitchen is located so children can observe, learn and contribute as the meals are being prepared. Our menus are seasonal and are prepared on a 3 week rota.

We take into account ‘food allergies and intolerances’ and have incorporated the information into our menu planning. Our highly qualified team are able to identify and inform of any of the 14 allergens within our menus.

We are happy to discuss and aim to able to accommodate any special requirements you may have.

Stop the Rot Campaign

STR logo bigAs part of our healthy living ethos we have once again signed up to the National Day Nurseries STOP THE ROT CAMPAIGN. As part of our 'smile promise' we are committed to basic sack the sugar and beat the sweets.

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Smile for Life

smile4lifeSmile4life is an oral health improvement programme to help adults and children improve their oral health. Smile4life covers 4 key themes:

  1. Encouraging healthy eating and drinking
  2. Encouraging regular toothbrushing
  3. Encouraging the promotion of a healthy lifestyle
  4. Visiting the dentist regularly

Here at Footsteps Nursery we have successfully completed the Smile4life programme workbook and have been awarded all 4 certificates.

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